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Landauer, Inc.

Keyword & Trademark Protection
Protect your brand identity and know when related domains can be claimed.

Promediary can protect your valuable brand identity from cybersquatters, infringement and inadvertent loss, and alert you when similar brand and keyword domains become available.

Hundreds of valuable proprietary domains and domain variations are amongst the 20,000 or so that expire daily, often as a consequence of owner and corporate carelessness. "Can't happen to me," you muse? Well, click the links below and then ask yourself, "How did it happen to these institutional giants?"

Ask us how Promediary can protect you from this type of catastrophic loss and avoid the costly, time-consuming and uncertain recovery process.

And when important, traffic-rich variations of your domain are about to expire, Promediary will alert you and help you claim them when they drop from the registry.


Excludes expiring domain names which infringe on proprietary trademarks.


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