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Promediary proactively facilitates the sale or lease of qualifying client domain names to major corporations, independent companies, Web developers and active domain buyers. Promediary assumes all related marketing expenses and is paid only after client domain names are sold or leased to a third party.

Promediary is an independent partner of News Bureau, an accomplished 27-year old public and media relations firm with affiliated offices located in principal cities throughout North America. Promediary utilizes the agency's contacts, resources and personnel for research, strategic planning, creative support and corporate outreach. In most instances, overtures to senior corporate executives are made by experienced former journalists, who know how to source pertinent information and reach deep into the corporate hierarchy.

Successful domain marketing campaigns begin with scrupulous research. Selling rationale and pricing strategies are shaped by traffic studies and thorough evaluations of each domain’s link popularity and historical character. Detailed market analyses narrow broad prospect markets into live sales channels. Qualified buyers are identified, contact data is acquired, sales materials are prepared and outreach is initiated.



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